Weekend Update

Once again I’m linking up with the most awesome Tara for my weekend update!  Please go check her out and see for yourself how awesome she is!  I had a LONG weekend that started out amazingly and ended not so amazingly about an hour ago!

Friday I was driving home after a long day not really looking forward to a night of putting progress notes in when I got a call from Leah, my uncle’s wife (we’re all too close in age to call her aunt!:)), she was calling to let me know that she had just picked up tickets to Sunday’s Saints/49er’s game and that I better call in sick on Sunday!  Needless to say I immediately got on the phone and made arrangements to switch shifts so that I would work Saturday instead of Sunday!  Leah told me that she was giving the 4 tickets to my mom, my sister and her boyfriend and me as Christmas presents!  I just had to meet Leah a couple of hours away on Saturday to get the tickets and my mom.

Saturday I woke up and did a half shift at the hospital and then hit the road to meet Leah and my mom!  We had a late lunch and I got to see my favorite little cousins!




After our late lunch my mom and I came back to my place and decided to go to one of my favorite local bars to do a load of laundry (yeah in NOLA you can do laundry at the bar:)) and watch the LSU/Bama game.  I was not happy about the ending of that game 😦


Sunday morning mom and I got up early and headed out to get some coffee then walk around a bit before heading to the Dome.  After coffee we decided to get some breakfast and bloody marys for our walk to the Dome.  My sister and her boyfriend were going to meet us in Champion Square and then we’d all go into the game.  It took a while before my sister and her boyfriend got there but that just gave us the chance to watch the drum line come into Champion Square!








We had AMAZING seats!  24 rows up from the field!



Not happy after that loss 😦

It was an amazing game!  I just wasn’t too crazy about that ending 😦  After the game we walked to the quarter so my sister and her boyfriend could get a caricature made.  Once we finally made it back to the parking garage to get my sister’s car everything went downhill!  We could not find her car!!! We searched for hour!  They were supposed to meet Leah with mom and Leah was already at the meeting place with the girls and they still hadn’t found the car much less left NOLA!  At this point my mom and I were sure that her car was stolen so I told Leah to get the girls some dinner and then just go home that I would get them back home and drive mom all the way home.  After me stopping an NOPD officer, against my sister’s wishes, we were FINALLY able to find her car!  It was parked in a garage that belonged to a hotel instead of the Dome that my sister swore was not the right garage because they didn’t drive that far.  My mom and I were exhausted from spending 3+ hours walking through 5 parking garages, after dark in downtown New Orleans.  My sister knew that I had told Leah that I would take mom all the way home and just went with that instead of offering to take mom herself since she was driving in that direction.  So at 9 p.m. my mom and I made it back to my apartment got her stuff and hit the road for a 4 hour drive!  I woke up today and saw my Mawmaw for a bit before having lunch with my mom and hitting the road.  I FINALLY got home at 6 p.m. tonight and I’m DONE!  I’m counting all of my walking yesterday as my workout for yesterday and today!  Hoping to have a good week and a good weekend next week!

I hope y’all have a great week this week!!!


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. WHAAAAAT?!? I want to do laundry at a bar!! Jeez! I would definitely get WAY more laundry done this way – ha! I’m so glad you had such a great weekend of fun, family and friends; thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie, and for linking up with the blog!

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