Weekend Update

Oh what  a weekend!  I had an insanely long day on Thursday and was more exhausted than I ever remember being on Friday!  I mean I was exhausted to the point that I was on the verge of tears all day!  I will just say that I am not a big crier so this was very unusual for me!  Once I finally go through the day I got home and found a notice that the sewage and water board would be working on something and my water would be off all day Saturday!  Thanks to this wonderful news I spent my Friday night/ Halloween doing all chores that require water, such as laundry!  What an exciting Halloween for me!  But if I’m honest as exhausted as I was I would have likely stayed home anyway 🙂

Saturday I set my alarm to go off before my water was to be turned off so that I could at least brush my teeth before going to the gym!  So I got up and got dressed to go to the gym only to find that I was stuck at home due to an awesome 1/2 marathon!  I originally planned to run the Jazz 1/2 but after my ankle injury I had to put my registration on hold until next year.  It was our first truly cold day so I put on a hoodie, fixed some hot chocolate and sat on my stoop and watched/cheered on the runners until I could get out to the gym.


Gotta love my view!

Once the race cleared up I was finally able to get to the gym and get in a few miles on the treadmill.   Wasn’t great but I’m still taking it slow and easy on my ankles!  Since I knew I didn’t have running water at home I ran to the grocery store after the gym to pick up something quick and easy for lunch.  The cold snap that morning had me feeling pretty sick with a cold.  I swear when I am not feeling well I shop like a college student!  When I checked out my cart had 3 bottles of wine (grabbed some on sale), a can of pringles, some Ramen (always makes me feel better when I’m sick!), some progresso soup, and some soup from the deli. After I got home I took some medicine and slept the rest of the day hoping I’d feel better on Sunday since I had to work was supposed to have a date with an old high school friend.

I woke up Sunday still feeling pretty sick so I decided to just work a 1/2 day and then go home and take some more medicine so that I would feel good enough to meet my old high school friend.  I have to say that I was able t pull myself together enough to meet my friend and I’m glad I did because for the first time in 2 years I actually had a good date!  We didn’t have anything in particular planned which worked out great.  We ended up talking over coffee for 2 hours then going to dinner at a seafood restaurant that over looks the lake.  Dinner was another couple of hours of good food, good wine, and good intellectual conversation!  I do not know where this will go but it was nice to have a good date for a change!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!  Please check out Tara’s blog and join in on the Weekend Update Party! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Stephanie, first of all I just have to say that I’m so glad you had a good date, finally – ha! 😉 You deserve it! One of the gals who linked up this week ran in the Jazz 1/2!! Isn’t that crazy? I can totally relate to your shopping habits; last week, while I was dealing with this awful virus, I wanted all junk. I think it makes me feel better, somehow. I hope you’re feeling better and taking care of yourself; thanks so much for linking up again this week and I expect another report about this gentleman soon…


    • I am so glad you commented! For some reason my comments on your blog are not taking and I wanted to tell you that I am so sorry about your friend! I am keeping him and his family in my prayers! I am feeling much better today. Thank goodness I am able to take off on Mondays so I was able to lay up all day yesterday and take meds! I will definitely keep you guys posted on any future good dates! 🙂


      • Stephanie, I search for your comments now in my spam folder…I don’t know why they keep going there, but I did get your comments from today and yesterday. Thank you for the good wishes; we are still waiting to see if he will come out of this. Ugh. I’m so glad you are feeling better; rest seems to be the only solution.

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