Weekend Update

So Friday morning I woke up early to try to get some notes into our work program.  While I was working I got a text message from my Mawmaw letting me know there was a confirmed case of Ebola in New Orleans.  It took over an hour for her to calm down and finally believe the news that what she heard was not that there was a confirmed case but that someone was being monitored due to his travels.  Gotta love that according to my Mawmaw my local news does not know what is going on here but her small town news station does.  Also gotta love that CNN couldn’t convince her but Fox News did! 🙂

After a long day of work Friday I decided to just stay in that night and relax.  I searched through Netflix for a movie and saw that The Stand is on Netflix!  I have LOVED The Stand since it’s original airing when I was in Elementary school and have watched it almost annually so of course I had to start it!  I always seem to forget that their apocalypse starts with people being killed by the Super Flu, which looks a lot like Ebola!  I thought I would have nightmares for sure!

Saturday I woke up early and headed up to my sister’s to go to my niece’s game and have some hang out time with my nephew.  So let me just say that I have loved my nephew and niece since the day they were born.  They have been the closest thing to children I have.  That said as much as my nephew and I have loved each other we’v never really had a close bond.  Truth be told he was deeply bonded with my ex husband and for the first 10 years of his life I’m pretty sure the main source of love for me was his appreciation that I brought Jeremy into his life 🙂  But then a couple of months ago I went to one of my niece’s games and afterwards my nephew and I ended up playing some boardgames after the game and since that day we’ve had this awesome bond!  When I go to visit he wants my attention at all times.  We laugh over our own little jokes, play games, and talk about what he wants to do after school.

This Saturday I had planned on going to my niece’s game then playing with my nephew for an hour or so then heading back home and meeting a date to watch the LSU/Ole Miss game.  Well when my nephew asked me to please stay and play catch with him I just couldn’t say no!  So I definitely rescheduled my date so that I could have more quality time with my nephew who told me, “You make everything more awesome!”

We spent the night watching hockey, Go Bruins, watching football, GEUAX LSU!  We also watched IT and The Corpse Bride while we carved pumpkins.  My niece insisted that I should move in with them and just never leave 🙂  I also got to help my niece work on stretches for her splits and then filmed her as she practiced her forward flip and cartwheel.


The very rare picture of Gavin!!!

IMG_1380 IMG_1385_2

My finished product!

So since I rescheduled my date from Saturday to spend more time with my niece and nephew I had to go on the date Sunday!  Honestly I was excited about this date.  I usually end up telling myself that I would rather be sitting at home watching Netflix and then I just dread the date.  And let’s be honest wouldn’t we all rather be sitting at home watching Netflix instead of going through the awkward get to know you conversation?  Well Sunday I refused to let myself even think about what I could do instead!  We agreed that we would meet at a local bar on my side of town that is known to be a big place for watching The Saints.  We were supposed to watch the game.  This guy failed to tell me that he is not from here and is only in town for a conference and is traveling through the U.S. with his colleagues.  Yes that’s right the guy was from Cyprus and knew NOTHING about football and so we spent the whole time with him him either trying to keep my attention on him instead of the game or me explaining football to him.  He was all about asking super personal questions about my family and friends.  It was just all around awkward and I got out of there at 1/2 time so I could watch the rest of the game in peace!  So happy we pulled out the win this week!

Any single girls out there, or even better divorcees, who deal with dates asking about their long term relationships?  I mean we are on a first date do you really want to spend that time asking me if I’ve been married and then trying to dig deeper into what happened?  Maybe let’s get to a second or 3rd date and then we can discuss past relationships?   Whatever!

I hope you all have a great week!  I’m starting my 1/2 marathon training today so next week I’ll have some running updates again!  Also I hope you all hop over to Tara’s page and join the link up!  Tara is awesome and you should all check her out even if you don’t link up.


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Stephanie, your dating adventures are hilarious, girl! That is CRAZY! I can’t imagine being on a date with a guy who knows nothing about football, in a bar where everyone is watching football – HA! I love, love, love your pumpkin, too; that thing is a masterpiece! I feel like you should send a picture of that to the Saints front office. I’m glad you were able to spend some great time with your favorite little people this weekend, and here’s to the next date…

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