Living the Single Life

I have been living the single life for almost 2 1/2 years now and from time to time I get a bit frustrated with people pushing me to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids already!  I cannot tell you how many times in the past 2 years people have told me that I should not be so picky, that I should go out on more dates, I shouldn’t be so hard on the dates that I do go on.  I have one sister who, being single about 6 months less than me and already finding her “soul mate,” has given me advice that just contradicted itself based off of my answers to her questions.  Basically if I was already doing what she advised then she would tell me not to stick to it 100%.  For example she told me I need to have a list of what I want in a partner.  When I told her I do, her response was that it doesn’t need to be written down and that I don’t need to stick strictly to the list.  All of this advice from someone who “met” her soul mate by reconnecting on Facebook with someone she knew all through out middle school and high school.

So a couple of days ago I was on the phone with one of my best friends who is also recently single.  We were talking about the insane dating scene and swapping dating horror stories.  At one point in the conversation she said something knowing that she’s picky but she doesn’t care.  I told her that I feel the same way and then it hit me and I told her, “I’ve already been divorced once, I’d like to make sure I’ve got it right the next time!”  So that is what I will be telling people from now on when they say something about my being picky.

Along with wanting to get it right this time around I am enjoying being single for the first time in my adult life.  I enjoy not having to share the tv with anyone and being able to binge watch Gilmore Girls all weekend if that’s what I want to do.  I enjoy being able to go to the gym any time of the day or night.  I enjoy being able to decide at the very last minute that I am going to drive home to Mississippi for the weekend.  I enjoy planning trips with my girlfriends for the first time ever, before my divorce all of my trips included my husband.  Don’t get me wrong I loved our vacations but having a good girls weekend is great too!

So while I am hopeful that I will someday meet the right person and again have a partner in life and maybe even have kids one day, I am not going to rush it.  I am not going to force a relationship with someone who isn’t quite right.  I’m not going to settle just because I am 30 and live in the South.  I am going to enjoy being single.  I know that enjoying this time in my life and going on horrible dates will make me even more appreciative when I do find the right person.

So when I get down about not having someone there when I am sick, or someone to help me clean around the apartment  or any of the other things that come with having a significant other, I am going to remind myself of all the amazing things that I’ve been able to do since becoming single…


Dancing on stage with my BFF of 15 years,

proving that we are not too old for this!


Traveling to Italy, alone!


Mardi Gras with my best girlfriends


Deciding 2 weeks ahead of time to go to the

Presidential Inauguration and make it happen!


Having a crazy all girls weekend at the lake for my birthday.


Driving an hour and a half just to go tail gate an LSU

Game.  You don’t have to go to the game to

enjoy the tailgate!


Random trips see my super awesome

niece and nephew!

So for any single girls out there I hope this reminds you to enjoy this time in your life, do not feel the need to rush into something or lower your standards.  You are amazing and deserve everything you want in life and in your life partner! Now get out there and enjoy your life and when it is right you will know it and you will appreciate it so much more!


2 thoughts on “Living the Single Life

  1. Stephanie, this is an amazing post! I missed you on the link up this week; wondering how you are! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your single life; it’s not a bad gig, you know? 😉 Especially that not having to share the TV part – ha! You are an amazing gal and I know you will find a great partner in the future.

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  2. Thanks Tara! I thought about you this weekend when I realized that Dallas is the best team in the league right now! I hate that for us but am so happy for you! Not an exciting weekend over here; I worked all weekend! But I’m looking forward to a fun weekend this week and having something to write about next week! 🙂


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