Yearly Check Up

I got to spend this morning at the doctor’s office! Yay Me! 🙂  I am all about preventive health care and so this morning I went in for my yearly check up.  I also wanted the doctor to check out my ankles since they have both been killing me since my 5k 3 weeks ago.

So good news first.  I found a great new doctor!  Spent most of the appointment chatting about housing in my neighborhood and stuff like that!  What I loved most about him was that when I told him I do not take flu shots he did not try to bully me into one!  He was fine with that even before I explained my reason to him and when I told him my reason he said that I was right not to have a flu shot!  That’s right people flu shots are not always a good thing!  The reason I, and my entire family, do not get flu shots is because when my father was a teen ager he was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder which to this day does not have an exact cause but one possibility is the flu shot.  My doctor even told me that the exact disorder my father had is one of only two things that can exempt hospital staff from the flu shot!  So that right there won me over!

After our appointment he set up for me to go downstairs to have blood drawn for your basic blood tests to verify that I am in perfect health.  I expected this but I wasn’t excited to have it done today!   I HATE anything involving needles but I especially HATE having blood drawn!  I really hate it when I don’t have someone there (let’s be real my mom:)) to hold my hand and distract me.  See on top of me hating needles my veins, as bright blue as they are, tend to roll which makes it hard to get the vein on the first try!  The phlebotomist was GREAT!  She got it on the first try and next thing I knew it was over!


At least they gave me some pretty purple gauze 🙂

Now on to the not great news 😦  The doctor confirmed that my ankle injury is tendonitis and I cannot run for at least another 2 weeks.  I can get in some other forms of cardio though so that is good for my weight loss plans but not for my training plans 😦

The second set of not great news is that I have borderline high cholesterol.  My doctor was not concerned about this but given my families history of heart disease I’m not thrilled with this.  My best friend from High School is a doctor and so I asked her what I should do.  She told me that she also has high cholesterol and that we really just need to change our eating a little and get more exercise!  I’ve known for a while now that my weight was going back up and I haven’t been happy about it so this was just the kick in the pants I needed to really get back on track with my workouts!

So plan to kick my cholesterol back down to a healthy range…

1. Start eating my oatmeal every morning!  My daddy did not have the best health.  He had high blood pressure, multiple heart attacks and smoked like a chimney but his cholesterol was always amazing.  His doctor’s never understood this but he swore it was all due to his love of oatmeal.

2. Fish Friday

3. Red bean Monday (sans sausage)

4. Get back to 5-6 hours a week of cardio

Since I am not able to run for the next couple of weeks I will be hitting the bike and the dreaded elliptical until I can start running again.

Since the doctor wasn’t concerned about my borderline high cholesterol I will not be having it tested again for at least a year but I’m hoping to feel the results of a healthier life style and am sure that the next time I have it tested I will be in a completely healthy range!


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