Weekend Update

This weekend was a great weekend full of a great spectrum of emotions.  I found out about 2 weeks ago that there was going to be a charity dinner to raise money for a scholarship set up in the name of the man who not only taught me history in high school but is also a second father to me.  The dinner was on Saturday and at the last minute I decided to drive up Friday night instead of Saturday morning so that I could catch my high school’s big rivalry football game and see Coach and Mrs. Cecil outside of the crowded dinner.  Friday night I made it to the game during 1/2 time and got to spend some time with Coach and Mrs. Cecil before the 3rd quarter started.  The game was AWFUL!  Since the real reason I was there had been accomplished I left the game early and went to my friend Phillip’s house to have drinks with him and his brother.  I was supposed to stay at my brother’s house that night but ended up staying up way too late with Phillip and Max and was order by Phillip to stay in his guest room.  We had a great night!  So much laughter!  He is one of the few people I can debate current events with and have fun while doing it!

Saturday morning I woke up and made it to my niece’s football game.



After the game I went out to Coach’s so I could see my baby, Ender while I was in town.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to get a picture but she has gotten so big! I can’t believe we got her 3 1/2 years ago!  She has transformed into the sweet, loving, and calm dog that we always wanted her to be!  I was so proud that when she saw me she did not jump on me but came to me and calmly sat there loving on me while I petted her.  Coach did tell me that her knee has been bothering her so I check to make sure it wasn’t out of place (she dislocated it a couple of years ago and from time to time it will pop out of place and has to be rubbed to go back in), the knee was in place but I rubbed the knees for her anyway 🙂

After seeing Ender I went to my sister’s because my nephew asked me what we were going to do after the game, clearly wanting to play some more board games! 🙂  So We played a round of Clue and then The Walking Dead board game.  We had a great time!

The dinner was full of laughter and tears for me.  I cannot begin to explain what an impact Coach has had on my life.  We were asked to write notes to him that will be put in a book.  I told him that I kept mine as short and sweet as possible because I know neither of us want other people reading about our memories.  I will say this he is the one person that for the past 15 years I have turned to for EVERY life decision.  He helped me pick which college I would go to, was there to guide me and my ex husband through the decision making process when the recession turned our life upside down, he was the first person to give me a hug and tell me that my ex husband and I would both always be his children despite our divorce (he’s a father figure to my ex husband as well). He has driven me around his farm on his tractor, let me feed his cows, screamed my name from the top of his roof, taken in my sweet baby Ender when my ex and I both had to move into places that were not Ender friendly upon our divorce (she needs acres to run in).  He has taught me so much more than history he has taught me so many life lessons.  Needless to say it was an emotional night!


My dear friend Phillip Toasting Coach


My Baby Brother speaking about the time his assignment

was put in the paper cutter! 🙂


While everyone else followed the dress code and wore plaid,

Coach’s school attire, I chose to honor him by wearing

Denim on Denim which is the real, down on the farm Coach


We spent every break between classes my senior year of High School

playing Hand Slap.  We even played one round as I walked off the stage at Graduation.

Needless to say we had to play again!

Sunday was another day at the hospital but hey my Saints WON!!!!! :):):)


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Stephanie, what an amazing weekend and a great tribute to someone who seems so special to you. I’m so glad you were able to participate in the event and that you have such a great mentor. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Also, your Saints DID win – BIG! And, thanks to their defense, my fantasy football team won this week, too – ha! Hope you have a great week and thank you for linking up again!


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