Weekend Update

So Friday morning I woke up early to try to get some notes into our work program.  While I was working I got a text message from my Mawmaw letting me know there was a confirmed case of Ebola in New Orleans.  It took over an hour for her to calm down and finally believe the news that what she heard was not that there was a confirmed case but that someone was being monitored due to his travels.  Gotta love that according to my Mawmaw my local news does not know what is going on here but her small town news station does.  Also gotta love that CNN couldn’t convince her but Fox News did! 🙂

After a long day of work Friday I decided to just stay in that night and relax.  I searched through Netflix for a movie and saw that The Stand is on Netflix!  I have LOVED The Stand since it’s original airing when I was in Elementary school and have watched it almost annually so of course I had to start it!  I always seem to forget that their apocalypse starts with people being killed by the Super Flu, which looks a lot like Ebola!  I thought I would have nightmares for sure!

Saturday I woke up early and headed up to my sister’s to go to my niece’s game and have some hang out time with my nephew.  So let me just say that I have loved my nephew and niece since the day they were born.  They have been the closest thing to children I have.  That said as much as my nephew and I have loved each other we’v never really had a close bond.  Truth be told he was deeply bonded with my ex husband and for the first 10 years of his life I’m pretty sure the main source of love for me was his appreciation that I brought Jeremy into his life 🙂  But then a couple of months ago I went to one of my niece’s games and afterwards my nephew and I ended up playing some boardgames after the game and since that day we’ve had this awesome bond!  When I go to visit he wants my attention at all times.  We laugh over our own little jokes, play games, and talk about what he wants to do after school.

This Saturday I had planned on going to my niece’s game then playing with my nephew for an hour or so then heading back home and meeting a date to watch the LSU/Ole Miss game.  Well when my nephew asked me to please stay and play catch with him I just couldn’t say no!  So I definitely rescheduled my date so that I could have more quality time with my nephew who told me, “You make everything more awesome!”

We spent the night watching hockey, Go Bruins, watching football, GEUAX LSU!  We also watched IT and The Corpse Bride while we carved pumpkins.  My niece insisted that I should move in with them and just never leave 🙂  I also got to help my niece work on stretches for her splits and then filmed her as she practiced her forward flip and cartwheel.


The very rare picture of Gavin!!!

IMG_1380 IMG_1385_2

My finished product!

So since I rescheduled my date from Saturday to spend more time with my niece and nephew I had to go on the date Sunday!  Honestly I was excited about this date.  I usually end up telling myself that I would rather be sitting at home watching Netflix and then I just dread the date.  And let’s be honest wouldn’t we all rather be sitting at home watching Netflix instead of going through the awkward get to know you conversation?  Well Sunday I refused to let myself even think about what I could do instead!  We agreed that we would meet at a local bar on my side of town that is known to be a big place for watching The Saints.  We were supposed to watch the game.  This guy failed to tell me that he is not from here and is only in town for a conference and is traveling through the U.S. with his colleagues.  Yes that’s right the guy was from Cyprus and knew NOTHING about football and so we spent the whole time with him him either trying to keep my attention on him instead of the game or me explaining football to him.  He was all about asking super personal questions about my family and friends.  It was just all around awkward and I got out of there at 1/2 time so I could watch the rest of the game in peace!  So happy we pulled out the win this week!

Any single girls out there, or even better divorcees, who deal with dates asking about their long term relationships?  I mean we are on a first date do you really want to spend that time asking me if I’ve been married and then trying to dig deeper into what happened?  Maybe let’s get to a second or 3rd date and then we can discuss past relationships?   Whatever!

I hope you all have a great week!  I’m starting my 1/2 marathon training today so next week I’ll have some running updates again!  Also I hope you all hop over to Tara’s page and join the link up!  Tara is awesome and you should all check her out even if you don’t link up.


Living the Single Life

I have been living the single life for almost 2 1/2 years now and from time to time I get a bit frustrated with people pushing me to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids already!  I cannot tell you how many times in the past 2 years people have told me that I should not be so picky, that I should go out on more dates, I shouldn’t be so hard on the dates that I do go on.  I have one sister who, being single about 6 months less than me and already finding her “soul mate,” has given me advice that just contradicted itself based off of my answers to her questions.  Basically if I was already doing what she advised then she would tell me not to stick to it 100%.  For example she told me I need to have a list of what I want in a partner.  When I told her I do, her response was that it doesn’t need to be written down and that I don’t need to stick strictly to the list.  All of this advice from someone who “met” her soul mate by reconnecting on Facebook with someone she knew all through out middle school and high school.

So a couple of days ago I was on the phone with one of my best friends who is also recently single.  We were talking about the insane dating scene and swapping dating horror stories.  At one point in the conversation she said something knowing that she’s picky but she doesn’t care.  I told her that I feel the same way and then it hit me and I told her, “I’ve already been divorced once, I’d like to make sure I’ve got it right the next time!”  So that is what I will be telling people from now on when they say something about my being picky.

Along with wanting to get it right this time around I am enjoying being single for the first time in my adult life.  I enjoy not having to share the tv with anyone and being able to binge watch Gilmore Girls all weekend if that’s what I want to do.  I enjoy being able to go to the gym any time of the day or night.  I enjoy being able to decide at the very last minute that I am going to drive home to Mississippi for the weekend.  I enjoy planning trips with my girlfriends for the first time ever, before my divorce all of my trips included my husband.  Don’t get me wrong I loved our vacations but having a good girls weekend is great too!

So while I am hopeful that I will someday meet the right person and again have a partner in life and maybe even have kids one day, I am not going to rush it.  I am not going to force a relationship with someone who isn’t quite right.  I’m not going to settle just because I am 30 and live in the South.  I am going to enjoy being single.  I know that enjoying this time in my life and going on horrible dates will make me even more appreciative when I do find the right person.

So when I get down about not having someone there when I am sick, or someone to help me clean around the apartment  or any of the other things that come with having a significant other, I am going to remind myself of all the amazing things that I’ve been able to do since becoming single…


Dancing on stage with my BFF of 15 years,

proving that we are not too old for this!


Traveling to Italy, alone!


Mardi Gras with my best girlfriends


Deciding 2 weeks ahead of time to go to the

Presidential Inauguration and make it happen!


Having a crazy all girls weekend at the lake for my birthday.


Driving an hour and a half just to go tail gate an LSU

Game.  You don’t have to go to the game to

enjoy the tailgate!


Random trips see my super awesome

niece and nephew!

So for any single girls out there I hope this reminds you to enjoy this time in your life, do not feel the need to rush into something or lower your standards.  You are amazing and deserve everything you want in life and in your life partner! Now get out there and enjoy your life and when it is right you will know it and you will appreciate it so much more!


Weekend Update

This weekend was a pretty boring one full of sickness 😦

If you read my post from late last week you know that I am officially off running for at least the next two weeks following an injury.  Thanks to that I spent my Friday afternoon at the gym on the bike instead of running.  But I was able to get in some good cardio so that was nice.

Once I got home from the gym on Friday I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave the house again after that!  I’ve been home taking medicine for a cold since then.  I even called in sick to the hospital for the first time in the year that I’ve worked there!

Since I was sick I spent some time doing some reading and binge watching Gilmore Girls and catching  up on The Walking Dead.  So my reading list this weekend was Little Women (I do not understand how I’ve never read this!), my favorite classic Pride and Prejudice, and since the movie just came out I decided to read Gone Girl again.

Feeling better today so I hope to get some cleaning done since I didn’t do any this weekend! I hope you all have a great week!!!


Yearly Check Up

I got to spend this morning at the doctor’s office! Yay Me! 🙂  I am all about preventive health care and so this morning I went in for my yearly check up.  I also wanted the doctor to check out my ankles since they have both been killing me since my 5k 3 weeks ago.

So good news first.  I found a great new doctor!  Spent most of the appointment chatting about housing in my neighborhood and stuff like that!  What I loved most about him was that when I told him I do not take flu shots he did not try to bully me into one!  He was fine with that even before I explained my reason to him and when I told him my reason he said that I was right not to have a flu shot!  That’s right people flu shots are not always a good thing!  The reason I, and my entire family, do not get flu shots is because when my father was a teen ager he was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder which to this day does not have an exact cause but one possibility is the flu shot.  My doctor even told me that the exact disorder my father had is one of only two things that can exempt hospital staff from the flu shot!  So that right there won me over!

After our appointment he set up for me to go downstairs to have blood drawn for your basic blood tests to verify that I am in perfect health.  I expected this but I wasn’t excited to have it done today!   I HATE anything involving needles but I especially HATE having blood drawn!  I really hate it when I don’t have someone there (let’s be real my mom:)) to hold my hand and distract me.  See on top of me hating needles my veins, as bright blue as they are, tend to roll which makes it hard to get the vein on the first try!  The phlebotomist was GREAT!  She got it on the first try and next thing I knew it was over!


At least they gave me some pretty purple gauze 🙂

Now on to the not great news 😦  The doctor confirmed that my ankle injury is tendonitis and I cannot run for at least another 2 weeks.  I can get in some other forms of cardio though so that is good for my weight loss plans but not for my training plans 😦

The second set of not great news is that I have borderline high cholesterol.  My doctor was not concerned about this but given my families history of heart disease I’m not thrilled with this.  My best friend from High School is a doctor and so I asked her what I should do.  She told me that she also has high cholesterol and that we really just need to change our eating a little and get more exercise!  I’ve known for a while now that my weight was going back up and I haven’t been happy about it so this was just the kick in the pants I needed to really get back on track with my workouts!

So plan to kick my cholesterol back down to a healthy range…

1. Start eating my oatmeal every morning!  My daddy did not have the best health.  He had high blood pressure, multiple heart attacks and smoked like a chimney but his cholesterol was always amazing.  His doctor’s never understood this but he swore it was all due to his love of oatmeal.

2. Fish Friday

3. Red bean Monday (sans sausage)

4. Get back to 5-6 hours a week of cardio

Since I am not able to run for the next couple of weeks I will be hitting the bike and the dreaded elliptical until I can start running again.

Since the doctor wasn’t concerned about my borderline high cholesterol I will not be having it tested again for at least a year but I’m hoping to feel the results of a healthier life style and am sure that the next time I have it tested I will be in a completely healthy range!


Weekend Update

This weekend was a great weekend full of a great spectrum of emotions.  I found out about 2 weeks ago that there was going to be a charity dinner to raise money for a scholarship set up in the name of the man who not only taught me history in high school but is also a second father to me.  The dinner was on Saturday and at the last minute I decided to drive up Friday night instead of Saturday morning so that I could catch my high school’s big rivalry football game and see Coach and Mrs. Cecil outside of the crowded dinner.  Friday night I made it to the game during 1/2 time and got to spend some time with Coach and Mrs. Cecil before the 3rd quarter started.  The game was AWFUL!  Since the real reason I was there had been accomplished I left the game early and went to my friend Phillip’s house to have drinks with him and his brother.  I was supposed to stay at my brother’s house that night but ended up staying up way too late with Phillip and Max and was order by Phillip to stay in his guest room.  We had a great night!  So much laughter!  He is one of the few people I can debate current events with and have fun while doing it!

Saturday morning I woke up and made it to my niece’s football game.



After the game I went out to Coach’s so I could see my baby, Ender while I was in town.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to get a picture but she has gotten so big! I can’t believe we got her 3 1/2 years ago!  She has transformed into the sweet, loving, and calm dog that we always wanted her to be!  I was so proud that when she saw me she did not jump on me but came to me and calmly sat there loving on me while I petted her.  Coach did tell me that her knee has been bothering her so I check to make sure it wasn’t out of place (she dislocated it a couple of years ago and from time to time it will pop out of place and has to be rubbed to go back in), the knee was in place but I rubbed the knees for her anyway 🙂

After seeing Ender I went to my sister’s because my nephew asked me what we were going to do after the game, clearly wanting to play some more board games! 🙂  So We played a round of Clue and then The Walking Dead board game.  We had a great time!

The dinner was full of laughter and tears for me.  I cannot begin to explain what an impact Coach has had on my life.  We were asked to write notes to him that will be put in a book.  I told him that I kept mine as short and sweet as possible because I know neither of us want other people reading about our memories.  I will say this he is the one person that for the past 15 years I have turned to for EVERY life decision.  He helped me pick which college I would go to, was there to guide me and my ex husband through the decision making process when the recession turned our life upside down, he was the first person to give me a hug and tell me that my ex husband and I would both always be his children despite our divorce (he’s a father figure to my ex husband as well). He has driven me around his farm on his tractor, let me feed his cows, screamed my name from the top of his roof, taken in my sweet baby Ender when my ex and I both had to move into places that were not Ender friendly upon our divorce (she needs acres to run in).  He has taught me so much more than history he has taught me so many life lessons.  Needless to say it was an emotional night!


My dear friend Phillip Toasting Coach


My Baby Brother speaking about the time his assignment

was put in the paper cutter! 🙂


While everyone else followed the dress code and wore plaid,

Coach’s school attire, I chose to honor him by wearing

Denim on Denim which is the real, down on the farm Coach


We spent every break between classes my senior year of High School

playing Hand Slap.  We even played one round as I walked off the stage at Graduation.

Needless to say we had to play again!

Sunday was another day at the hospital but hey my Saints WON!!!!! :):):)