Weekend Update!!!

So this weekend was pretty much just full of work 😦  Nothing exciting going on at all!!!  Well except that LSU had a second shut out in Death Valley!!! 🙂

So I was able to get out and do some running this weekend!  Friday evening I did just over 3 miles and ran my fast 5k that I’ve actually timed!  So I was pretty pumped about that!  I thought about going out after my run but I had a very long week of work and had agreed to pull a full weekend at the hospital so I decided to just stay in that night.


Excited about my 5k time!

Saturday I went in for a shift at the hospital and was able to get enough done on Saturday that I knew I would be able to leave early on Sunday so that I could watch at least 1/2 of the Saints game from my own couch without having to refrain myself from yelling at the tv 🙂  I again thought about going out so that I could watch the LSU game but since it wasn’t a big game I again decided to just stay in 🙂 I wasn’t able to watch the LSU game because I don’t get the channel it was on but my other team Southern Miss was playing Alabama and holding their own so I watched that instead.


SMTTT (Southern Miss To The Top!)

Sunday I did my shift at the hospital and got home just in time for the beginning of the 3rd quarter.  It was not a great end to a game 😦  But after the game was over I was able to do a quick FaceTime catch up with my best friend who lives in Tacoma Wa! 🙂  He and his wife climbed Mt. Rainier last weekend and I was very worried because he didn’t check in with me when he told me he would (he forgot when he was supposed to check in) so it was great to see his face!  I was supposed to do a 6 mile run but as I started running I realized that I had not eaten enough that day and could tell that my blood pressure was too low 😦 So I headed home and had a good dinner and some orange juice!

Monday was finally a day off for me!  Except that I had a meeting set for 8:30 for one of my clients only to get to the school and find out the meeting was rescheduled!  But I decided to just come home and lounge for the rest of the day! Watched some How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy and napped before I finally got up and got ready for a good run!  I did much better with my eating today and had a great run!  Got in 5.5 miles and felt great!



Views from tonight’s run.  Yes that is a group of people playing Quiditch!

And now just because I thought this was funny…



4 thoughts on “Weekend Update!!!

  1. People really do that? Play Quiditch for real that is? I kind of want to watch. Nice job with your runs and your fast 5K! And for listening to your body and knowing that it’s not ready to run. I need to pay attention to that more often!


    • I’ve heard of people actually playing Quiditch but I had never seen it until last night. It was quite funny! Trust me it took me a long time to learn to listen to my body! I’ve suffered from low blood pressure for years but it took me actually passing out in the shower one day to learn to listen to my body about that stuff! So once I started running and felt myself feeling shakey all I could think was I am not going to pass out on St. Charles Ave! 🙂


  2. Girrrrrl, you are speaking my language with all of this football talk – 😉 I’m so glad you made it home from work to see the game, but I know it’s disappointing when your team doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped; I don’t know why they don’t just let us coach, do you?


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