Weekend Update

Ok so it is Wednesday and I am just now getting to my weekend update!!!  It has been a crazy and stressful couple of weeks! But I did get back out there and got some running in!!!


Since I missed last week’s Weekend Update I’ll do both today!


Ok so my birthday was last week so I got to celebrate for two weekends!!! I spent Labor Day Weekend at the Lake with my mama, mawmaw, uncle, aunt and my favorite shorties! We had some quality time watching and playing football and enjoying some drinking games! 🙂





Since we are both turning 30 this year Karah and I had our own drinking game for the LSU game.

Every time Wisconsin scored we had to do a push up.  After a few drinks my form was poor! 🙂



We figured since we were already down there we should just do some yoga! 🙂





My sweet Annabelle





Family game of “touch” football



Yes I was taken down by an 11 year old during a game of “touch” football



Love these prissy country girls! 


Can you tell we are an LSU family? 🙂




Circle of Death is the best drinking game ever!



Thursday was my birthday so Friday I drove home to Mississippi to have a birthday celebration with my sisters and one of my brothers.  We had dinner and drinks at my favorite hometown bar. 






I spent Saturday judging a speech and debate tournament at my high school.  It has been about 10 years since I was at a speech tournament and man have things changed in the past 10 years!!!!  After that I went to my friend Phillip’s house for a catch up session.  That night I went to my sister’s house to watch the LSU v. SHSU game and got to have a game night with my nephew.  I don’t know how I do not have any pictures but oh well!

Sunday I was back to work but did get in a run that evening! 


I love and hate that my run usually has me passing this awesome bar!  I love their duck fat fries!  Not good for running though!  So I just run by and wish that I was stopping and enjoying the fries instead of running another 1/2 mile home!


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