Time To Start Eating Healthy Again!

So I started a weight loss journey more than 2 years ago and while I am proud of the progress I made I have recently been gaining and never reached my goal.  So as I am preparing to go to Miami in just a few months for a girls weekend I am determined to lose the weight I’ve regained and reaching that initial goal would be pretty awesome too!  So I have decided to get more strict with my clean eating!  I will be starting on Thursday (only because that is my typical grocery shopping day:)).  Below are the foods I will be cutting from my diet and what I will be replacing them with.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for me!


Foods To Cut…

1. Non whole wheat pasta- I will be switching back to whole wheat only

2. Store bought pasta sauces- I will begin making my own sauces again (which honestly I like so much better anyway!)

3. Cokes- Drinking water, one iced coffee in the morning, and green tea only!

4. White rice- finally making the switch to brown rice!

Those are my biggest switches and this is my planed shopping list for Thursday.  

1. Organic Chicken

2. Tilapia

3. Lean Ground Turkey

4. Tomatoes

5. Spinach

6. Apples

7. Grapes

8. Bell Peppers

9. Strawberries

10. Raspberries

11. Blueberries

12. Bananas

13. Garlic

14. Onion

15. Lemons

16. Limes

17. Brown Rice

18. Green Tea

19. Oatmeal

20. Asparagus

21. Broccoli

22. Green Beans

This is my first week so I have not put together any fun recipes yet but once I do I will share them with you!  

Do you follow a certain diet? If so what do you do and have you had success?

What are your favorite healthy recipes?





2 thoughts on “Time To Start Eating Healthy Again!

  1. Stephanie, these look like some GREAT swaps to make for healthier eating! If I could just stick to the items on your list, and not eat any crap, I’d be in great shape! HA! Seriously, though, I try to eat pretty clean most of the time; there are days when nothing sounds good but “treats,” and so I try to recognize that, give myself a little something out of the ordinary, and move on. What else can I do? Keep me posted on your journey, and I’ll try to find some recipes to share, too!

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    • Tara I feel you on the treats! When I was really on top of my eating and weight loss I had a system where if I was really craving something for 24 hours then I would allow myself to indulge the craving. If that meant baking a pan of brownies that is what I would do and after having one brownie I would give the rest to my best friend. The problem with that is now my friend and I have both moved to opposite sides of the country and I need to find a new friend to give my leftover treats to! 🙂 I’ll post whatever recipes I come up with next week 🙂


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